Knoxville, Tennessee’s Crumbsnatchers is a deliciously listenable band. A generous and inventive recipe of rock, pop, punk, and new wave influences combine to create sweet, swirling ear-candy out of transcendent hooks and blaring riffs. Crumbsnatchers’ catchy songs echo the wit of Pixies and Talking Heads, with the fervent force of Beastie Boys. Their contagiously immersive music has a habit of crushing your inhibitions into a fine paste and then painting the word “PARTY” on your brain with it.

Frontman Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman (rhythm guitar, vocals) notably experienced teenage trauma when in 2006, at 16 years old, he was sentenced to a year in a faith-based juvenile detention camp, Prayer Mountain Boys Academy, in Griffin, Georgia. In addition to enduring widespread physical abuse and abhorrent, moldy living conditions, due to non-existent judicial oversight, Guetterman and the other boys sang in a touring church choir as examples of “reformed” rebellious teens, in order to raise money. Secular music was contraband in the program, but a few months in, a fellow student smuggled in a CD player and a copy of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”. The boys listened to this while hiding under their beds. Upon his return home, Guetterman worked for a number of years as a birthday clown, performing magic and bringing fun to children and their parents.

Crumbsnatchers began in 2012 as a four piece, now comprised of, Samuel "Guetts" Guetterman(vocals, guitar, keys), Philip Mosteller(Guitar), Jacob Cate(bass), and Ethan Mausolf(drums). The band crafts their distinctive sound from years of writing collaboration and friendship. Their live shows are crafted from an energetic rush of unpredictable good vibes, bouncy balls, dancing, light moshing, balloons, and the occasional nude guitarist. Frenetic, wild and simultaneously well-composed, a Crumbsnatchers concert is a tasty treat for anyone with ears, eyes, or just a face that is ripe to be rocked off.

The band performed extensively in Knoxville and the surrounding area from 2012- 2017, gaining popularity and a widespread fan base. So, accompanied by an East Coast tour, Crumbsnatcher’s deep and dominating debut album “Big House” was released in January 2017. New songs from the group will drop by early 2018.





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